"A passionate Tree Hunter and campaigner for ancient trees of the UK & Europe...."

Having had such a very special insight (mainly via the Ancient Tree Forum) into just how important ancient & veteran trees are, has led me to be involved in many campaigns to protect these ‘Cathedrals of Biodiversity’. These campaigns have involved much media interaction on my part, appearing with BBC &  ITV on many occasions to give interviews and provide discussion points.

It is essential to highlight the uniqueness of these important old trees when they are under threat, which sadly, happens all too often, be they in ancient woodland, hedgerows, fields, churchyards or the urban environment. Where ever they are under threat I will do my best to work with other groups and organisations or on my own to get these trees retained if it is safe & feasible to do so.The Woodland Trust have an excellent team of folks that can give advice on campaigning and their website has lots of great information visit WOODLAND TRUST CAMPAIGNS

Owen Paterson MP
I have met several times with the ex-Secretary of State for the Environment, Owen Paterson MP. He is my local MP and so I have been able to discuss with him giving our truly ancient trees...our 'GREEN MONUMENTS' the PROPER PROTECTION that they deserve. For further details of our discussion... READ MORE  >                


Wales - Ancient Tree Protection Petition
As we know Wales is leading the way in the UK in trying to gain this proper protection for their ancient  trees with Coed Cadw (Woodland Trust Wales) collectiong and presenting a petition of over 5,500 signatures asking for just this from the Welsh Assembly. READ MORE  >

Pennant Melangell Yews
These 2,000 year old Yew trees now have some official form of protection... READ MORE  >

Tree Council
Many organisations have lobbied for this GREEN MONUMENT protection and the TREE COUNCIL have been doing this for a long time now... READ MORE  >

Hedgerows & hedgerow trees
I have campaigned for the protection & retention of historic hedgerows. One proposal to remove over 7miles (11km) of Historic Shropshire hedgerows caused me to get involved at the start of 2013 READ MORE  >