Want a Tree Hunting walk? (& Talk)

Please CONTACT me and I can tailor a bespoke Tree hunt walk to your needs. I will provide your group with a unique walk amongst your 'Treescape', looking in detail at how the trees have shaped the landscape. The walk can be combined with an indoor session before/after or both, to make the most of the time we have. I will include any veteran/ancient or notable trees in your area. Each day will be designed to suit the abilities of your particular group.

I can research the area that I am doing the walk in. The Ancient Tree Hunt  project website can usually provide us with great trees in the locality or, if it is practical, I can visit the area prior to the walk and see what gems of old trees there are in the area. 

If I do visit, then I will also try to speak with local folks to gain an insight into the 'Tree Culture' of the area. 

Click on the Video clip above to view one of my school events filmed by the BBC. 'Haycorns to Ancients'. 'Til this day the children still remember the day finding Piglet and watch the 'Haycorns' grow.