As we all remember April 18th 2013 brought us the terrible news that the Pontfadog Oak had fallen. Wales' best known and loved ancient oak tree had finally succombed to the forces of nature. The very high winds of that fateful night sa w the tree come crashing down and part of it onto the owners house roof!

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So, just what is happening ONE YEAR ON? Well many organisations have taken or been given scions from the tree to try and grow on from grafts, genetic clones of the Pontfadog Oak. Kew Gardens visited and took some scions, as did our very own Wrexham Tree Office Moray Simpson and Shropshire's Steve Shields also took many scions of the tree to pass on to interested parties.

Pete Wells from the Ancient Tree Forum (ATF) has successfully managed to get 5 scions (cuttings) to unite with Quercus rootstock. He has recently took one to Savill Garden where they too are having success in growing on baby Pontfadog Oaks! Windsor Estates also has had success. So things are looking great as regards keeping going for future generations the gene pool of the iconic Pontfadog Oak.

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l-r Steve Shields (shropshire) myself and Moray Simpson Wrexham Tree Officer               Dave Cooke Kew Gardens and myself



Pete Wells (ATF) successful graft of the Pontfadog Oak

Quote from Pete Wells (ATF)....
"My plan is to grow them on as quickly as possible, hopefully get 2 or more flushes of growth during the summer, but I’m still not sure how much material will be available for further propagation whether by micro-propagation or grafting. Oaks that last 1000 years have their own agenda"!

PONTFADOG OAK BOOK...Following on from the great success of the Llanfyllin Town council and the writing of their Lonely Tree book, launched 18th April 2014 (ironic coincidence 18th April exactly ONE YEAR ON from when the Pontfadog Oak fell) we are now discussing with the tree owner and Glyntrian Council on how we can emulate Llanfyllin and put together a new book on this great iconic Welsh Oak!....

PONTFADOG OAK FUND... we are setting up an appeal fund to enable a lasting memorial of the tree to be carved from the remaining trunk and installed hopefully in Pontfadog. Watch this space....

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