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Today Sunday 16th Feb. "A busy day today...
BBC Radio Shropshire interview with Sam Fleet at Lythe estate Ellesmere talking of the storms and the fallen trees around Shropshire and much more...

Nice piece aired by BBC Radio Shropshire Breakfast show with Eric & Claire.
Also on the afternoon programme Drive Time with Adam & Vicki 1hr 48 mins in.

Wettest winter on Record... then very high winds!       

This winter of 2013-14, has been the wettest on record. Many places have been flooded as you have seen over the last few months on TV. The Somerset levels, Worcester City, the Severn catchment and many other areas. Then came the very high winds this week. Across the country devastation. Here in Shropshire we had the highest wind speeds in the Midlands. Wind speed of over 76 mph were recorded. It felt more!

The waterlogged ground conditions, combined now, with these very high winds, mean that many trees were blown over. Their roots systems water-sodden and undermined left them vulnerable.

                                                              Great clear up work from the blokes here...

Here is just a small sample of some of the fallen trees. Trees at a lovely Parkalnd landscape left strewn across the parkland, across the main Ellesmere to Shrewsbury road, across the Ellesmere to Llangollen canal. Many other trees across the small roads of Shropshire, in fields, in towns & villages. Utter devastation of the Tree-scape.

A NOT so Tree-mendous storm wreaks havoc...  


 For more great photos of the devastation wreaked by the recent storms and waterlogging of many trees please go to my Flickr photostream, Click the above photo or VIEW MORE PHOTOS  >

Wales: Llanfyllin, Powys

Sadly a very well known landmark tree at Llanfyllin Powys has been blown over...
'The Lonely Tree' ... a Scots Pine, has succombed to the very high winds of last week. This great locally known tree is recorded on the Ancient Tree Hunt website. It is tree no. 133160  recorded by intrepid tree hunter Michael Woolner. Visit the tree on the ATH HERE  > 



See the Shropshire Star report on the Lonely Tree by clicking on the photo left...

From the Shropshire Star... owner Peter Lewis said...

“Everyone from this area knows about the Lonely Tree and we get lots of requests every year from people around the world asking to come here and spread their loved ones’ ashes around it.

One resident June Williams said: “That tree has been there for about 200 years and it so sad to have lost it because it has part of the landscape and legend of Llanfyllin.

“The tree is a big landmark and it is so sad to see it gone. The storm has been terrible in Llanfyllin and the power went out on Wednesday.
©Shropshire Star 2014



Here from Gloucestershire a massive Veteran Sweet Chestnut taken down by the storms this week...


Tree Managament Gloucester team seen here doing great work to clear the road...VISIT their website HERE  >   
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                                                                              or VISIT them on Facebook  >