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 Of course the tree has featured on many media outlets... above & below are just some of these


     Operation Lonely Tree                 The filming of BBC Breakfast                 BBC Breakfast Piece
           Feb 22nd 2014                                   11th March 2014                               14th March 2014

 Lonely Tree LATEST NEWS ....
31st Nov. 2014...BBC Radio Wales Country Focus feature on the Lonely Tree.
View video of amazing music from the programme of for full feature READ MORE >






Meanwhile read the stories behind these events and just how these were achieved....

23rd Nov           2014       BBC Radio Wales' Country Focus prog airing at 7am or iPlayer READ MORE > 
31st Oct            2014       BBC Radio Wales' Country Focus prog visits the tree Paul Pigott reports READ MORE >

21st Oct           2014        The LONELY TREE WINS WELSH TREE OF THE YEAR 2014!  READ MORE >
w/c 19th Oct    2014        Welsh Tree of the Year 2014 Results Announced.... Fingers Crossed!
Sept                   2014        Protective Fencing installed
8th August        2014        Lonely Tree is placed 3rd in the National Trust 'Wales's Special Place' Contest READ MORE >
24th July             2014        Lonely Tree is nominated into the National Trust 'Special Place' Contest
Summer             2014       Lonely Tree is nominated into the Welsh Tree of the Year Contest
Summer             2014       Protective Fencing installed
18th April           2014       Lonely Tree Book Launch 3pm Greenhall hill over 120 folks come to celebrate READ MORE  >
18th April           2014       BBC Wales Breakfast show Pauline Page-Jones interview  READ MORE >
29th March        2014       Fund Raising Lonely Tree Concert at Llanfyllin Workhouse
14th March        2014       BBC Breakfast air the piece filmed a few days earlier, see video link above.
11th March        2014       BBC Breakfast visit the Lonely Tree to film see video link above or  READ MORE  >
  9th March         2014      The Observer piece,
   3rd March        2014      County Times run a piece on Lonely Tree  READ MORE  >
28th February    2014      Met with The Observer / Guardian journalist John Vidal READ MORE  >
24th February    2014      Llanfyllin Town Council Book Announcement for Submissions  READ MORE  >
22nd February   2014      'Operation Lonely Tree' how it was achieved  READ MORE  >
20th February    2014      Llanfyllin Town Council Launch Appeal to raise funds  READ MORE  >   
17t h February   2014      BBC Radio Wales interview
15th February    2014      Llanfyllin Council website Lonely Tree Lost in Storm announcement  READ MORE  >
14th February    2014      Shropshire Star feature  
12th February   2014      Pauline Page-Jones alerts everyone to what is happening via Facebook! Tree falls over!
30th November 2013     The Lonely Tree is recorded by Michael Woolner on the Ancient Tree Hunt  VIEW HERE  >


Original posts below... 

A landmark Tree...

Sadly, a very well known landmark tree at Llanfyllin Powys has been blown over in the recent storms... 'The Lonely Tree' ... a Scots Pine which is perhpas over 200 years old has succumbed to the very high winds of last week. This prominent well known tree is recorded on the Ancient Tree Hunt website. It is tree no. 133160  recorded by intrepid tree hunter Michael Woolner. Visit the tree on the ATH HERE  >   

All is NOT lost... The Ancient Tree Forum (ATF) have made suggestions as to what could be done to the fallen tree to try and encourage it to survive. Many trees have suffered this fate and have risen effect they have layered or 'Phoenixed' as we like to say.

That is, it may have sufficient root connection left in tact, so that a part of the tree may function and provide enough sustinance for it to 'layer' and in time grow new roots and even become a 'new' tree! This is all dependant on the remaining root connections and other factors.

Covering of the now exposed root plate with local good quality topsoil, and then fencing around the tree to protect it from grazing animals such as sheep is what has been proposed.

See the video of the fallen tree and the damage suffered.
Also the possible good news on some of the remaining root system...

Collage showing the Lonely Tree Youth Theatre; Local community; many carvings in the tree and the damaged tree...

A Culutral / Community Tree...
Here we can see a selection of photos depicting just what a Welsh cultural / community tree means to the people who live in the area. The local school, Llanfyllin High School has a drama group called 'Lonely Tree Youth Theatre'. See also the schools ECO group in action at Bodfach Estate with tree planting for the Queens Diamond Jubilee HERE  >

"Main topic of conversation since it fell"...
Folks in Llanfyllin were shocked and saddened at the news of the tree falling.
John & Gillian Parry from the Corner Shop said "The tree has been the main topic of conversation this last week since it fell over"... they told me of folks who had taken their deceased loved ones ashes up to the tree to scatter in years gone by.

Head of drama at the school, Mandy Saunders said about the tree "It's part of us here in Llanfyllin"... Welsh AM William Powell said it was "Incredibly sad news"...


          img-bbc-lonelytree                                                       img-atf2-lonelytree
 The Lonely Tree was on (Mon 17th Feb. 2014)                                  The Ancient Tree Forum (ATF)
 for my BBC Wales Good Evening Wales                                have sent great advice for the tree.
        interview about the tree                                                             It was on BBC Wales

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'The Lonely Tree' report in the Shropshire Star               The Lonely Tree recorded by Michael Woolner 
©Shropshire Star 2014                                                    on the Ancient Tree Hunt website © Woodland Trust 2014


The ANCIENT TREE HUNT website showing many great trees around Llanfyllin Powys. ©Ordnance Survey 2014 ©Woodland Trust 2014