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Ancient Tree Hunt (ATH) Project
In my humble opinion, the Ancient Tree Hunt Project from the Woodland Trust is one of THE most successful conservation projects EVER!

The ground breaking project has attracted thousands of UK folks to get involved in finding and recording many fantastic trees that have never been 'seen' before. Many amazing trees that have literraly turned up out of the woodwork!

The Woodland Trust have had some brilliant project managers on the ATH. Nikki Williams, Kath Owen, Eddie Parker. The current proejct manager is David Alderman. Of course Jill Butler has been a powerhouse of enrgy ion the ATH from before its inception. There are also too many others to mention here from WT, that have worked so hard on the project over the years. You know who you are, and thank you for all of your great work from the UK trees!

Indivduals, groups, organisations all, have contributed to the ATH project and as of today 12th February 2014 there are 134,322 trees recorded in the UK. (and this is only scratching at the surface of what is actually out there!)

I have been fortunate to be a Woodland Trust volunteer verifier with the ATH since the project began in 2006. I have recorded over 3,000 trees onto the website in those years as well as verifying many hundereds if not thousands of great trees that others had discovered.

The great news is that YOU can join in with this great project by simply registering on the site then you can start to record YOUR trees! REGISTER HERE  > 
Once registered you can  record your trees >    img-AthRecord

 Even if you do not register you can use the site and its amazing resources.

 Features such as the powerful                              img-Ath-viewmaps 

VIEW MAPS is a powerful mapping tool. With practice, this map has many wonderful features such as OS Maps right down to 1:25 scale, aerial views and the really useful Historical maps layer. At your fingertips are maps form the mid-1880's onwards showing just how the landscpae or more precisely the Treescape has changed over the years.

 More great Ancient Tree Hunt features and know how to come soon...


 A Tree-mendous ATH Training Day at Chirk Castle NT... many ATH Project managers on this photo!


As of 12th February 2014:

                           Trees recorded       Trees Verified



 Other Anceint Tree Hunt days out with more to come soon.

 ATH Hay Festival 2008 with Clive Anderson & Monty Don

ATH Chirk April 2009

ATH Windsor Oct. 2009

 ATH Flickr Collection