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And the WINNER is... The Major Oak... it's the winner of the first ever English Tree of the Year contest... it fought off 9 other amazing English trees to win the title and will now go forward into the European Tree of the Year 2015 contest. Voting starts 1st February 2015 and lasts until the end of February. The winners of the competition will be announced on April 22nd 2015 at the Awards Ceremony in the Eu Parliament in Brussels.


 Img-MajorOak400266  The Major Oak... aka Robin Hood's Oak, Queen Oak and Cockpen Oak (as chickens were sometimes kept in & around it)

The Major Oak, is a stunning ancient oak tree. It is also the most iconic tree in England and sits in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England.

The tree is known worldwide because of its association with the legend of Robin Hood.  Its location, Sherwood Forest is also very well known as are the many other characters, including the Sheriff of Nottingham, Maid Marion, Little John, Will Scarlet.
 Robin Hood in rhyme...                                             Translates to:

Robyn hod in sherewod stod                                        Robin Hood in Sherwood stood
hodud and hathud and gosu and schod                    hooded and hated and hosed and shod.
four and thuynti arrows                                                 Four and twenty arrows
he bar in his hondus                                                       he bore in his hands                                  © Nottinghamshire Council

                   Robin Hood the Legend... more on Nottinghamshire County Council website READ MORE >


Ancient Tree Hunt (ATH):
Species... Quercus robur  (Peduncualte OakEnglish OakCommon Oak) ...  READ MORE >>

More information on the tree can be viewed on the Woodland Trust's ATH website where it is recorded and is listed in the ATH as tree No. 1.  READ MORE  >
From the record it can be seen that the tree has a girth (circumference / perimeter) of 10.66 metres or 35 feet, which is amazing. This gives the tree an age of perhaps over 800-1100 years.
The tree form is given as unknown. Personally I think it is a pollarded oak tree, but there is doubt if it is only one tree?

Ancient Tree Forum (ATF)... READ MORE >
I have been fortunate enough to visit this enourmous oak tree & many other Sherwood oaks in 2011 with the ATF.

Img-SherwoodCow  Img-OakBand  Img-AtfFolks2

                                           Click photos above to see ATF visit to Sherwood Forest & Thorsby Hall in 2011.

History & luck! : In 1876 The Primative Methodists had a bazaar & public tea meeting, they also congregated under & around the tree with over 1,200!!! folks being able to gather within its confines! Of course today the tree is fenced off to protect it from the many hundreds of thousands of visitors. Compaction of old trees root zones is a big problem and should be avoided if at all possible.

                                  Img-1876-1200 folks3




1946 and a VISIT BAN!: For some reason, that I have yet to find out, visits to the Major Oak were banned!


The Major Oak has been luckier than many of its brothers & sisters in Sherwood Forest area. One ancient Oak known as the Greendale Oak was seriously damaged in the 18th Century by the fact of there being a wager invoving the tree. The wager was to see if a 'COACH & FOUR' could ride through an arch cut into the tree. It was carried out! Much to the detriment of the tree. Can you imagine witnessing that!

Many old postcards were printed of the tree and you can still find these if you are lucky.