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What an amazing day! Tree-mendous!.... Sorry Suzi I just have to do it. Yes bad tree jokes come free.            


Being invited to appear on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live on the 20th September 2014 at the Abergavenny Food Festival was a great honour for me aswell as being mega-exciting! 
Appearing on stage with Richard Coles, Suzy Klein & JP Devlin would be such fun, I knew it.

Travelling down the day before via South Shropshire where I had been to 'meet' a William the Conquerer, 1,000+ year old, newly reported by Charlie, a previously unknown of Oak tree!

I was SO excited by the tree that Suzy commented when we had a coffeee in Abergavenny, that I was still 'buzzing'... I was! The day was almost surreal. Here I was having a coffee with Suzy, Richard & Dixie chatting away about this latest amazing ancient tree (and many others). I gave them many of Ted's good / bad tree jokes and really enjoyed meeting the team.

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In the morning I was too
hyped to eat a Full English, oops I mean a Full Welsh breakfast, so Marion wrapped me up a bacon & egg buttie in foil for later on when I had done my chat and calmed down. Off to Abergavenny, park up somewhere quick and into the theatre. Met up with lovely Dixi again and JP, Suzi and Richard.

Let the show can get it here on iPlayer (available for 1 year).
My piece is around 19 mins in. Saturday Live on iPlayer
HERE >>  


First up was Kizzy Crawford, a brilliant young, up and coming singer from Wales. She sang her new single 'Golden Brown'.. omg! so lovley. Launched 1st Sept 2014. Visit her site HERE >>

All of us were chatting about our favourite Cheese & Onion recipes. Well, with my extensive culinary experience this was easy...culinary experience being 'at the receiveing end' of many folks cooking. 

I was asked how I like to cook my cheese on toast...cooked by someone esle was my reply!

Jay Rayner strangely said he would have bacon on his cheese on toast.. he would though wouldn't he. 

Sitting next to me, the lovely Jancis Robsinson, wine critic & writer gave her thoughts on what wine to serve with cheese on toast. She also chatted with myself about Cork and Cork Oaks... great fun. 

Audience and callers tales of culinary disasters were then listened to. 'Finger Food' will never be the same again!

Scott Davies came on to chat about Welsh Honey. Honey he makes, that had been served to world leaders at the recent NATO summit. Visit HERE >> 

So it was over. I quickly gave folks some large A3 prints of my best trees, a quick photo call and I was off to South Devon. To host the a Cultural Landscape Day as part of the pan-European project HERCULES.It was a 2pm start, would I make it in time? For more details Visit HERE >>