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An early morning start saw us meeting up with BBC Breakfast's presenter Nina Warhurst and her OB team Geoff and Iqbal. The Woodland Trust had arranged to film the piece for their Citizen Science  volunteer programme... 

and so it saw us setting up 'camp' in the car park of the
Olde Boote Inn at Whittington by kind permission of the owners at 5am...trying to be very quiet!


The Woodland Trust are working with their volunteer Citizen Scientists like myself to try and record the now numerous Tree Diseases that are                                                                                           rapidly emerging throughout the UK. 

From Woodland Trust website...  

Observatree is an exciting four year project, which began autumn 2013, to set up a new tree health early warning system in the UK. The project aims to establish mechanisms which will help identify tree pests and diseases at the earliest possible stage. By doing this we can maximise the chances of eradicating or controlling the outbreak. Harnessing the power of citizen science is critical to the project’s success. This means we will empower volunteers to feed information into our monitoring systems, helping tree health scientists.

Nina got to work and did a live link intro. piece at 620am and then after some cabling laying through the undergrowth we filmed at 6:50am...LIVE.
Important to get the correct messages across and with the help of Woodland Trusts PR Manager Steve Marsh it all went fine.





We filmed again one hour later with no chatting then did another talkie piece live at 8:50am. Much fun was had as it was my xx, yes 21st birthday today and Charlie and Louise wished me a Happy Birthday on-air! a first for me. 



Img-KathMKatherine Mathieson of the British Science Association also chatted with Nina regarding the Citizen Science work they have been carrying out with Penguin Watch!.
Visit their website click >> HERE




Nina and I did an impromtu little addition at the end of the piece (see video link at top of page) it was not scripted as you can see! So funny I could hardly get any words out.

So just time to get back to the vehicles and get Nina's WELLIES OFF! ...
Steve a joker always...only Pulling Nina's leg again!



The end of a Tree-mendous days filming...Thanks to Nina Warhurst, Geoff and Iqbal, Steve Marsh & the Woodland Trust..
oh and BBC Breakfast's presenters Charlie and Louise
even if she did cut me off in me prime!