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  The Pontfadog Oak

Well what can one say about this tree?... an awful lot is the answer. The tree has so much Welsh & Borderlands history associated with it. It was truly an iconic tree of Wales. It now lies (or what is left of it) in a field next to the location where it stood proud for well over a Millennia.

I visited the tree shortly before it fell and have the dubious cliam to be the last person ever to stand inside this magnificent tree. This brief page is currently just linking to some of the media attention and my Tumblr blog around the time that it sadly fell. As it says further down there will be much more on the tree coming soon.

From my blog at the time...

18th April 2013 The Pontfadog Oak…After possibly 1,200 years of living and growing in the beautiful Ceiriog Valley in NE Wales the amazing Pontfadog Oak succumbed to the high winds last Thursday the 18th April 2013…

As I have worked very closely with the family who own the tree it was myself that the owners sent the first photograph to of the fallen tree. My reaction…***(^%$ & F%$£*…is not printable!  ...   READ MORE  >

 The Oak on ITV Wales - Unique last footage of the tree upright - the Oaks future!
  img-tpo-itv            img-tpoinsnow            Tpo-Tumblr-Kew                ITV Wales News                           Last footage of Oak the upright                Kew Gardens pay a visit 
                                                                                                                                      April 27th 2013. Dave Cooke Royal Botanic
                                                                                                                                      Gardens Kew gets to work cutting samples
                                                                                                                                      for the grafting project. Rob & Dave chatting
                                                                                                                                      about the project...


img-tpo-move2   Tpo-MoraynSteve-500x308
The Pontfadog Oak… an historic day in                                         Grafting Trials
the life of this great old oak tree.                  22nd April at The Pontfadog Oak with Moray Simpson & Stephen Shields
Work began early on the dismantling           (Arboricultural consultants). Getting to work gathering the samples
of the tree. The upper limbs were                 needed for the grafting trials by many organisations…

removed by the skilful Aled  READ MORE  > 



In the coming months we are planning to bring much more information and photos to the website as I work with the tree owners & community of Pontfadog to try to produce something that we can be proud of and do this great Welsh tree justice. Do come back to check on updates or please CONTACT me and I will get back to you with site updates.

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