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‘This programme has been supported by HLF, Defra, Northern Marches LEADER, The Jean Jackson Charitable Trust, DCLG, Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, and Natural England.’


Wednesday October 30th 2013 saw over 20 people heading out from the Ellesmere boat yard on our our first 'MIST' event. We were planning on going along the Ellesmere/Llangollen Canal towpath finding the veteran trees as we went.. By kind permission of the CANAL & RIVER TRUST (thank you Howard & Roger) we were able to have use of a meeting room so we could have a Veteran Tree presentation to around 20 or so keen Tree hunter that had come on the day. We were all wowed by the old canal maps dating back over 100 years that showed the canal and surrounding area but also it showed many trees marked on the map...our mission was to discover if those same trees were still growing by the canal now...guess what? ... Many were!
See the links to Flickr to view more great photos of the trees we found and surveyed.

Photos of M.I.S.T. Day 1 VIEW MORE on FLICKR  >
... now onto Day 2 which is just below the short project intro. from Shropshire Wildlife Trust ...


The Meres and Mosses Landscape Partnership Scheme and Nature Improvement Area (NIA) are two of the most ambitious and significant programmes in recent times for these parts of north Shropshire and South Cheshire.  Both programmes complement each other and are being delivered by a partnership of 10 organisations varying from Government departments to charitable trusts.  The lead partner is Shropshire Wildlife Trust.  A small team leading the delivery is based in Shrewsbury.  Partners appear at the bottom of each web page.  Find details of their involvement in the programme by clicking on the logos.

The Heritage Lottery Funded Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS) is aimed at conservation, raising awareness, engaging communities, improving access and providing opportunities for people to learn skills associated with the landscape.  Conservation is focused on improving three Sites of Scientific Interest (SSSI) (Colemere, Whitemere and Brown Moss).  Local communuties are being engaged to help with this work.  Heritage conservation will see the air traffic control tower at Prees Heath being restored by Butterfly Conservation.  Advice is available to local landowners and farmers with a focus on nutrient management to help protect vulnerable sites. Visit Shropshire Wildlife Trusts website now...  READ MORE  >

 MERE'S & MOSSES I-SPY TREES (M.I.S.T.) ........ DAY 2


Photos of M.I.S.T. Day 2 VIEW MORE on FLICKR  > 

For our second 'M.I.S.T.’ outing we met up on a Saturday (30th Nov. 2013). Once again we had time for a short Veteran tree lecture in a meeting room curtousy of the CANAL & RIVER TRUST  at Ellesmere Boat yard, (thank you Howard & Roger).

Over 20 folks attended this canal side (or as it is also known the 'Cut') tree hunting day out.The weather was gorgeous, an unusally warm and sunny day for late November saw us heading along the towpath slighty back towards Ellesmere as I wanted to show the folks the recent cutting through of ivy on two mature Ash trees and to discuss the merits (or not) of doing so...   READ MORE  >

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