When the land agent for a Welsh farmer near to Chirbury Shropshire applied for planning permission over the Christmas period in 2012 to remove over 7 MILES (11kms)!!! of historic Shropshire hedgerows and the subsequent reporting of this application in the Shropshire Star and of the Ramblers objection to this scheme I just knew that I had to act, and act quickly.  




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A first edition OS map clearly showing the                     Shropshire Star reporting on the meeting
'historic hedgerows' affected by the                                 lh myself rh farmer Fraser Jones
planning application. Click on the map.
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                                                              the Shropshire countryside is FLICKR  >

The planning application stated that there is no biodiversity value and that the hedgerows are not historical. This was proved to be totally innaccurate. In the end there were over 400 objections to this ludicrous scheme including eminent Professor Oliver Rackham who said 'destruction of the historic hedges appears both unnecessary and irresponsible...most of Chirbury has been made into a patch of industrial arable farming and already lost most of its hedges'.

One outstanding objection to the scheme was from local resident Mrs. Elise Jones who used to live at the farm concerned with her husband. They farmed the landscape in an environmentally sensitive way for many years. Mrs. Elise Jones is one very special lady. Here she reads to me her letter of objection. I feel this video clip should be shown in every school in the country...Elise is just so eloquent and sensible... our politiicians and leaders would do well to take heed of how passion, honesty and feeling can bring home a point to this effect!

                                                            Here Mrs. Elise Jones reads to me her letter of objection.

With support from the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Hunt project I visited the area immediately to walk the roads and footpaths finding and surveying the veteran and notable trees in the hedgerows and fields. I discovered 14 veteran trees and about 30 notable trees within the affected landscape.

Shropshire County Councillor Heather Kidd had hastily arranged a public meeting for the 6th January 2103 and I attended as did the new land owner. Both he & myself were very surprised to find that there were nearly 100 local residents in Chirbury hall on a wet & windy January evening... feelings were running high.

                                                           I had contatced the BBC Midlands office and their reporter
                                                           Bob Hockenhull turned out to film with myslef and councillor
                                                           Kidd. Nikki Williams from the Woodland Trust also appeared
                                                           on the piece talking of the significance of this landscape.


                                                    Above... Good news ... for now... the farmer has withdrawn the application.
                                                    Although his appeal to have his Mega-dairy application appoved has been successful.

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