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To be continued in 2014...

Since the very sudden and sad demise of THE PONTFADOG OAK in April 2013, the crown of Champion Oak of Wales has lain vacant. The iconic Pontfadog Oak was a champion tree of the very highest order. A pollarded Sessile Oak going back over 1,000 years, some say even back to Roman occupation times!

So now.the search is on for the new Champion Oak of Wales. A tree that can perhaps not replace the Pontfaodg Oak, but a tree that the Welsh nation can be proud of... a tree that has much Welsh culture and history, is out there, somewhere in the Welsh countryside, just waiting to be discovered... or, perhaps it is a tree that has already been discovered, but, just needs to be confirmed as the new Champion Oak of Wales... our journey is just beginning.

There are quite a few wonderful old Welsh oaks that are in contention ... but only one tree will be able to claim the crown...Champion Oak of Wales.

champoak-1ITV Wales have understood the significance of this quest. They have filmed us as we started out on our journey... a journey that will see us travelling the length and breadth of Wales, walking through glorious Welsh woodlands, traversing beautiful Welsh valleys, hedge-hopping along the countries historic hedgerows... where ever they are, we will be looking to find them, to find the oldest, largest girthed oak trees in Wales.

In ITV Wales' new series COAST & COUNTRY , which aired our first Tree hunting journey on Fri. 29th Nov. 2013, we saw myself & ITV presenter Andrew Price visit a possible champion oak near Welshpool in Powys. A 10 metre plus girthed oak tree, found only in recent years by a local Ancient Tree Hunt verifier. She discovered it, only after wading through a river to get to it! Now that is dedication for you!

We are already getting new contenders being sent in to us, as was done recently when photos of the Caeryder Oak, in Llanhennock, near Newport were sent in to ITV Wales. So, why not join us in our quest...if you know of a really big, gnarled ancient Welsh oak then please do get in touch via CONTACT or on Twitter @thetreehunter never know, you could just be the person to discover the new Champion Oak tree of Wales.

itv-cncClick above image for  COAST & COUNTRY EPISODE 4 and remember... 
to come back soon to check on our progress in our quest for... The Champion Oak of Wales