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'By revealing these stories we give the tree a character and a place in the hearts and minds of Salopians going back to the Book of Domesday and beyond, we thereby provide the realisation that these Green Monuments be protected for their stories to be told by our grandchildren'.
Shaun Burkey Project Manager Shropshire Council

The SITA Trust funded, Shropshire Council run project, began at the end of October 2011 for 18 mths

602 Shropshire trees were due to be visited on the project... in the end I had visited nearly 2,000!

As of 12th February 2014 
                                             Trees Recorded          Trees Verified

More Shropshire tree statistics to come soon...

From a blog in 2012...
As part of a new and exciting project funded by Sita Trust's Enriching Nature Programme and managed by Shropshire Council . I am due to spend the next year travelling the length and breadth of Shropshire either in my camper van; car; bike; sometimes hitch hiking; lots of walking; using buses and trains visiting some of the most amazing ancient trees as part of the project.

Shropshire is a hot spot in the UK to wander and find our ‘hidden gems’ of the countryside…our ancient trees. The UK has it is said, up to 80% of northern Europe's’s ancient trees and is rightly known as The European Rain Forest.
Several Champion trees for Shropshire have been found on the project like an 8.23m girth Ash in South Shropshire.
I am also regularly using the Woodland Trust’s newly updated website to pinpoint and record Shropshire’s great old trees. Please visit their site and click on the map of the UK to drill down and find YOUR LOCAL TREES!

Each of these trees has a story to tell, linked in with forgotten tales and folklore from the hidden nooks of Shropshire,
e.g. The Spout Oaks, re-discovered old maps and hidden history with this site!
BBC TV & Radio have visited these great trees and also seen the old maps at the farmhouse. 





July 2007 - BBC Midlands reporter Laura May MacMullen is bowled over (no not by me!) ... by these great old Shropshire oak trees




There are numerous 'special' hidden Tree-scapes dotted around our county and I have luckily, visited a lot of them. Many I did not know even existed. Of course there is the world renowend 'Hollies' landscape at the Stiperstones in SotuhShropshire.

Visit again soon to see MANY MORE unbeleiveable Shropshire trees on this page.



Tree Recording in Shropshire

Many great Tree Hunters have recorded trees in Shropshire including Rob Rowe, Michael Woolner, Andy Gordon and many others. Also there are groups, most notably Severn Tree Trust who are dedicated to promoting and planting trees within Shropshire. Please do visit  img-Severntreetrust





For anyone wanting to read about Shropshire's trees
then this book by Andrew Morton is a great read.
I have used it throughout my project. 

See if you can get hold of it on any book website
or even better a local book shop might get it for you.





Shropshire Wildlife Trust MERES & MOSSES Landscape Partnership Scheme