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Late October 2012... 
saw me travelling for the first time, to the IV Fiesta del Chopo
Cabecero (Black Poplar Fiesta) in Aragon Spain. 
The event was
to be held at a small mountain village called Ejulve. 

Until this day they had not had rain for 
many months...
over six months I believe. We were LUCKY, so I was told, 
as we had
one years rain in one day! Let's say that it did not 'dampen' our enthusiasm. 

The day had been excellently organised by Chabier d'Jaime and the Centro de Estudios del Jiloca READ MORE  >>
(Centre for the Study of Jiloca)

Note!  (Details of this years event can be seen also at the bottom of the page in English)

Video of the IV Fiesta del Chopo Cabecero at Ejulve...
a slightly rainy days affair but amazing none the less.

  Img-IvChoposFolks1  Img-IV-Arbs  

As you can see from the photos there were around 200 people attending the day and most braved the rains to walk down the valley to see the demonstartions of pollarding from arborists  Felipe Ruiz and Miguel Angel Lazaro Xilofor company

 Img-Iv-arbs2  Img-Arbs3

                           Felipe Ruiz and Miguel Angel Lazaro Xilofor company

MORE VIDEOS AND INFORMATION FROM 2012 Fiesta will be coming soon.


This years event ... the 2014 Fiesta del Chopo Cabecero Programme

Jiloca Chopos Cabecero Fiesta 25th Oct. 2014

9:50 h . Welcome , welcome and presentation of the VI Festival Poplar pollards Square Blesa .

10:00. Starting the hike along the banks of river Aguas Vivas , climbing the narrow to enjoy the panoramic view of El Hocine and then reach your Morenillo Vega chopera pollards and upland landscape of great environmental interest.

11:45 h . A walk around the near Blesa , there will be a demonstration of several poplars escamonda by climbers Xiloforest company .

12.15 h . Visit of Flour Mill , Woodworking Museum and the Church of Blesa .

13.15 h . Route to drive from Blesa Huesa Common stops to check the status of Aguas Vivas river and poplars after diverting the flow into the channel reservoir Moneva and assets as the hermitage of Santa Quiteria .

13.45 h . Failure " I Photography Competition on Poplar pollard " and presentation of the photographic exhibition in the pavilion of the Common Huesa .

14:30 . Popular food in Hall of Huesa Common .

16:00 . Presentation by the organizers .
Title Delivery Friend 2014 Poplar pollard tribute to Helen Read for his work on the study , preservation and dissemination of pollarded trees in Europe.

Participation of researchers , associations and organizations committed to the preservation and defense of the old pollarded poplars.

Words B.C. The Hocino Blesa and AC Castle Peñaflor

Words of Mayors Blesa , Huesa Common and President of the Shire of coalfields

17:00 h . Musical concert with groups:
- Sintrom nor
- Bucardo . Aragonés folklore
Registration for the food is formalized with the entry of 12 euros (6 euros under 10 years) before 22 October in the account ES60 2086 0012 9107 0004 7992 (CAI- Ibercaja ) indicating the name and surname .

Collaboration: Watershed District Mineras- Ofycumi- Bucardo - Sintrom or are - voluntary - Xiloforest - ordio Mining - Brotherhood Virgin Aliaga - Ithaca CEA - Ivvis - CEA Ithaca - Hams The Calamochino

Contacts : blesa.elhocino@gmail.com  - huesadelcomun@gmail.com

Phone: 650114317