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  Offas Dyke 40th Anniversary Celebrations filmed by BBC Countryfile in May 2011.

As part of the Offas Dyke Path 40th anniversary celebrations I was asked to come and chat with BBC Countryfile's Julia Bradbury at Castle Mill Chirk on Offas Dyke Path…

From my diary... Such a lovely day and I was not due to meet  Julia until after lunch. I had the idea to meet the lady who 'walks' by walking a 12 mile route from home in Ellesmere, to Castle Mill on Offas Dyke nr Chirk.

I had earlier printed out a lovely A3 photo of the great oak that we were going to film at… the Oak at the Gate of the Dead.

On the way to meet the BBC I passed by the Lion Quays Hotel, this is where I had recommended for the BBC to stay. So, I took along the photo. As I approached the Lion Quays (it was on opposite bank) I could see the hotel manager waiting for me, I had called him 5 minutes previous and told him what I had for them. As luck would have it  a narrowboat was gliding along the Ellesmere Canal and I shouted to them asking if they could steer over my side and then pass the photo to the manager on other bank of the ‘cut’.

 This went well as I handed them the precious photo. They then steered over the other side and handed the photo to the manager. Great! It worked… next thing I knew I heard raised voices, then shouting… “GET OUT OF THE WAY”! The ‘driver’ of the narrowboat had not realised that there was another boat coming the other way. In his effort to avert a head on crash he ploughed straight into a parked up narrow boat! OOOPS! The occupants were not amused…much shouting… I headed off, being responsible for this mess I made myself scare…

A few miles on using the footpaths through the woods I crossed the Chester to Shrewsbury railway line at the Chirk viaduct… be careful here!
Now running a little late I crossed the ‘closed’ bridge at Pont Faen, I started to hitch hike. Luck was with me and the first car that came by stopped! A great old chap goes “where you going”? I said “Castle Mill” . “Get in” he replied…

More to come soon... but as you can see from the videos below, I DID get to meet the lovely Julia and to film our 'piece'. 




   BBC Countryfile programme that was 'aired' in May 2011                   My filming of the 'Making' of the other film.