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 The European Champion Tree Forum (ECTF), is an informal group of like minded tree professionals and tree hunters from right across Europe. Many countries of Europe are represented by attendees at the conferences.

The first conference being organised by the Tree Register of the Britain & Ireland (T.R.O.B.I.) in 2010 and held at Wespelaar Arboretum in Belgium.

Wespelaar Arboretum, Belgium, 23rd October 2010
The innaugural meeting of the European Champion tree Forum (ECTF) was hosted by Philippe de Spoelberch, Arboretum Wespelaar, Belgium, and organised with invitations from the Tree Register (of Britain and Ireland).
line newsletter from TROBI for this innaugrual event.  READ MORE >>  

Attendees included:

Belgium: Tim Bekaert, Koen Camelbeke, Christophe Crock, Guy de Broqueville, Philippe de Spoelberch, Marc Meyer, Abraham Rammeloo and Marc Struelens 
France: Jean Francois Breton, Frédéric Cousseran, Olivier Colin and Jean-Francois Dewilde
Germany: Michael Dreisvogt, Detlef Ehlert, Gabrielle Glass, Lutz Krueger, Marcel Robischon, Dr Heinz Schirnig,
Dr Ralf Tegeler and Dr Reinhard Weidner 
Hungary: György Pósfai
Ireland: Aubrey Fennell
Luxembourg: Eike Jablonski
Netherlands: Martijn Essers, Nick Gordon, Frank Moens, Jeroen Pater, Jeroen Philippona and Bas van Griesven
Poland: Krzysztof Borkowski and Piotr Krasinski
Switzerland: Michel Brunner.
UK: David Alderman, Chris Canrangan, 


Images from this event should appear here soon when I contact attendees for their photos.