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                                                                                    TREEmendous PRIZES

                                                        Treespect CIC Raffle for Treemendous prizes

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the ...
TREEspect raffle to support Street Tree ART Sheffield (STARTS)
Prizes include:Limited Edition Art works; Signed Books and much more.

All prizes have been kindly donated by a wonderful group of Artists and Authors including:

Tony Kirkham                   Author & TV personality  Kew Gardens,
Dan Llywelyn Hall            Internationally renowned artist 
Eddie Parker                     Author and photographer 
Dr. Owen Johnson           Author & Tree register of Britain & Ireland 
Mark Johnston                 Author 

 & many more kind authors & artists

Tickets are £2 each and first ticket drawn will have first choice of prizes, 2nd ticket, second choice and so on.

Money raised will go to the Street Tree ART Sheffield (STARTS) Community Art project, whose exhibition ‘Fallen Boys, Standing Trees' is currently on at the Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield

Do take a look at the prizes on offer. Links above.
We would like to thank all the contributors who have Kindly donated work.
Please share this post amongst friends and family, facebook groups and across social media to ensure we can raise funds to raise awareness of and campaign for the protection of our Nation’s trees.