Aimed at helping the Sheffield Tree Protectors: Grateful to the many Sources for this information.

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MONDAY 27th Nov. 2017:
Things took a turn for the worse yesterday when 'Tree protectors' were allegedly assaulted. This photogrpah shows one of the alleged assaults that took place throughout the day & that were reported. Private Security guards were brought in and the many concerns and alleged breaches of law & working codes/practices are highlighted on the
Sheffield Trees Action Groups (STAG) Facebook page HERE> 

Desperate Measures by a desperate Council with barriers being erected at 1:15AM in the morning...
READ Professor Jenny Saul's account in Huffington Post link above or READ MORE > HUFFPOST 








MONDAY 27th Nov. 2017:  2 of 4 security guards on Coverdale Rd on 27.11.17. One with face covered. Several with body cams. None would show SIA badges or say who they worked for or who the Data Controller is for the video material. They tried to physically prevent campaigners from entering private property outside the barriers, or stand by a hedge on the pavement outside the barriers. One let go of a campaigner when he was told this was assault and he was being filmed.

DP states: ""Amey are a private contractor managing a PFI contract with Sheffield City Council part of which involves the felling of thousands of mature street trees - activities that have caused widespread public protests at the felling sites.

Today Amey deployed personnel in hi viz jackets at multiple sites who's sole role was acting as security guards for the felling sites, demarcated by security fencing, and managing the protestors to prevent them from entering the site.

None of these security guards were displaying SIA badges and they all refused to either show their badges or confirm that they held SIA badges when challenged.

The security guards were witnessed by multiple people physically physically restraining and blocking protesters, and forced 1 protester to the ground, so were unarguably engaged in a security guard role that they are legally required to be SIA registered security guards for and displaying their SIA badges.

It's likely that further complaints will follow about the conduct of the security guards, but the photographic evidence should be sufficient for SIA to open up an investigation now with the lack of SIA badges being displayed as the starting point to open up an investigation.

Amey's Operations Director Darren Butt was also on site supervising the activities, and stated to witnesses (including a city Councillor) that he had instructed the security guards to use reasonable force to deal with protestors, so has acknowledged his role in employing and managing the security staff involved.

This was witnessed by multiple people including a Sheffield City Councillor. I can put you in touch with witnesses.

This is a concern to me as a concerned citizen who supports the protests aims, and someone who spent a decade in a variety of events related safety officer roles and is aware of how the SIA laws work and what should and should not be classed as activity requiring SIA licenses to be displayed."


New Roads and Street Works Act (or NRSWA) 1991 and amendments (You can get live ALERTS!) (DP)


< LIVE Roadworks in your Area/Street

'Elgin is the home of – the local and national communications hub for live and planned roadworks, road closures and traffic disruptions.' is the most comprehensive source of roadworks, road closures and other live and planned traffic disruption information in the UK.


What's interesting here is that one can set up alerts so that one can get emails relating to work happening on your street(s), which can give advance warning of works to be carried out. Even if they are just closing a footpath, they will need to serve a notice

Legislation surrounding the New Roads and Street Works Act (or NRSWA) 1991 and amendments. For any works to be carried out, notices have to be submitted to the council for permission. To work without a notice being served is illegal and subject to large fines.

A broad overview of the main types of notice are:
28 day for large works,
7 day for not so large works,
3 day notice for minor works,
24hr for emergency works.
The time period is how far in advance the notice needs to be served before the works are carried out. There are a set of rules governing additional notices (I'll spare the details).

When I was last heavily involved in this (2005) the requirement for notices being public was in force, but often difficult to track. It occurred to me today that tech has moved on, so there is probably an easier way of viewing live notices. I found it here:

It doesn't have historical data, but one can easily check what notices are live at the moment, and get a feel for imminent works.

I went in search of Lismore Road, as for a full road closure it would need to have a 7 day notice in place. Nothing is listed, so I can only assume they had the permission for the day. If the barriers are still up, something is amiss. If they are working tomorrow, check the status on this website: no notice would suggest working outside of the law.

What's interesting here is that one can set up alerts so that one can get emails relating to work happening on your street(s), which can give advance warning of works to be carried out. Even if they are just closing a footpath, they will need to serve a notice.



Dave Dillner 27/11/2017
It's not enough to drive a coach and horses through legislation passed to protect the interests of the public by lying and using every dirty trick in the book to hide the truth.
It's not enough to have opposition councillors ordered from the council chamber during a debate for telling unpalatable truths.
It's not enough to attempt to get opposition councillors committed to prison by using trumped up charges that a High Court Judge dismissed.
It's not enough to then claim that the trumped up charges that were dismissed by said High Court Judge was a "technicality."
It's not enough that another "promise" of not starting work before 7am has been tossed on the scrap heap with most of the others.

Now we have citizens of this city of ours physically assaulted in the street for PEACEFULLY demonstrating against needless environmental and ecological destruction.
A gang of hired thugs with no identification, some of whom were masked, has been hired to bully, threaten and intimidate.
Hired by whom is as yet unproven but rest assured they are all in this together...Council, Amey and Amey sub contractors. seems it's finally scum to this!

If I were a Labour councillor facing re-election next May I would be bricking it after the events of today.