As yet another urban community start losing many valuable STREET TREES to shall we say, less than convincing reasons, the concerned residents are fighting back!

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Quick info. to CONTACT South Tyneside Council   Tel: 0191 424 7540 / 0191 424 7336 

Campaigners in South Shields are taking to the streets and social media to voice their concerns of what seems to be unjustified felling of larger canopy street trees. The same trees that provide the most benefits to people and the environment.

As reported by Sophie Brownson (31st May 2018) in the Shields Gazette (link above)

Council bosses said 'Felling trees is always a “last resort.”
“We only remove trees as a last resort after very careful consideration. “In line with the policy, for every tree removed, we plant a like-for-like tree nearby but in a more appropriate location.


They deserve...   Img-STTAG-TS

TREEspect CIC are helping a community in the North East of England in their campaign to prevent further felling of their street trees.

Rob McBride (joint founder & Director) Said "I am very worried by the words coming from South Tyneside Council (STC) in light of the Sheffield Street Trees Massacre that has been ongoing now for five years. Sheffield City Council (SCC) used and continue to use such terminology as was reported in the South Sheilds Gazette recently in their campaign of mis-information to the public".


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