The voting is now over and the WINNER IS....

                                            (Photograph as featured on Channel 4's Tree of the Year Programme)
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After a nail biting wait the result has now been announced and the stunning BRIMMON OAK - the Anceint  Welsh Oak tree that 'Bent-A-Bypass' -  is crowned UK Tree of the Year after competing against some of the most well known and amazing trees from right across the UK. 

For hundreds of years Mervyn Llyod Jones' family have lived and worked here at Lower Brimmon Farm nr Newtown, Powys, Wales. He is, as he says, the 'Guardian of the tree' for his family down the generations. After his initial battle to save the tree from the chop, Mervyn found that I had recorded the tree on the Ancient Tree Hunt in 2009. He contacted me and the next day we met up and together we have campaigned to get the best decision that we could have hoped for from the Welsh Assembly Govt. on 23rd Feb. 2016 to move the new road over by 15 metres. And now this award now just tops off what must surely be a very unique year for one ancient old oak tree....

Surely Mervyns ancestors would now be extermely proud of what he has achieved. Here's to the next 500 years. 



Hear Mervyns reaction once he had calmed down a little...   Telling cousin Bethan & Auntie Blancvhe the good News

I am very proud & priviledged to have been able to assist Mervyn with his campaign to save & protect this great oak.
You too can join in the Facebook Group here >> Save The Brimmon Oak

Brimmon Oak owner Mervyn Lloyd Jones & I filmed at the tree recently with Ardal O'Hanlon for the show little knowing of what was to come on Channel 4 just before Christmas 2016.
We are both chuffed & absolutely delighted at the news.

 ImgBrOak-Marbles1  Img-BrOak-Marbles2

                                       Ardal & Mervyn get to play 'Gall Marbles'...Mervyn won as you can see


Mervyn Ardal & I

Mervyn & I celebrate 








A 1901 family wedding photo taken under the Brimmon Oak. Welsh culture & tree culture together in perfect harmony..






KEY Landmarks

Tree recorded 2009

Feb 23rd 2016 Tree SAVED

Dec 17th UK & Welsh Tree of the Year