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The FIRST EVER Ancient Tree survey of Offas Dyke...
My quest to find & record the Ancient / Veteran / Notable &Heritage trees of Offas Dyke is the first time that these amazing 'Monuments of Nature' have been recorded and surveyed in all of the Dyke's 1,200+ year history. My Offas Dyke Ancient Tree Hunt adventure officially started on the 23rd April 2008.
Kindly I have recieved travel 
support from the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Hunt (ATH) Project...  READ MORE

2016 Update:
Much more information will be added over the coming months as I continue my journey along the Dyke.
See map below for latest recorded trees south of Kinghton Powys.

            BBC COUNTRYFILE 2011

BBC Countryfile's Julia Bradbury met
up with Mark Williams and I at the now
famous Oak at the Gate of the Dead

Click image for MORE PHOTOS


Much has been written of the castles, the country houses and the battles in and around Offas Dyke. The man made objects & events along the Dyke have been recorded and published in great detail. However, the Dykes 'Natural Treasures'...its Ancient  / Veteran / Noatble & Heritage trees, have hardly ever before been discussed let alone recorded & surveyed !

In April 2008 I set out to change all of that... here, in the first ever survey of its 'Treescape', the Dyke yields its hidden treasures of nature in a landscape going back into the mists of time... what I find, are stunning, mind blowing old trees that have grown in and around the Dyke. Trees that essentially turn the Dyke into a 'linear nature reserve' further to see the story unravel...



Latest trees recorded south of Knighton...many Notable trees in this stunning landscape... Click on map to go to one of these trees...


Looking back at some of the memorable moments from my walk so far...
Starting out!...Veteran Beech tree on the path...Guardians at the Oak at the Gate of the Dead ... tree hunting 'Close-up'

Introduction Video
Here, after my rambling on,  we have lovely Heather who lives at Castle Mill right on the path of Offas Dyke nr Chirk, Wrexham. Her house has much hidden history. It was once the house for the milling of the grain to for the bread to feed the builders of Chirk castle in the 1300's. Later centuries it was a pub!

To get her nephew to introduce the Dyke to viewers I said I would include his 'wheelie' so here it to get the kids down with da trees man... 

                                                          Click on the video above for the introduction to my walk 
                                                        & survey of its ancient, veteran & notable/heritage trees.



      ath-capture2   OffasAth-4-3d-221x145

Click on the map to go to a very special oak pollard next to a pub where the petrol is still 4/3d!

A 'Linear Nature Reserve'
As I add the trees on the Dyke to the ATH website they are forming an almost unbroken chain of trees, what I like to call a Linear Nature Reserve along the border of England & Wales. All of the trees that I have found and surveyed on Offas Dyke will eventually appear on the Woodland Trusts Ancient Tree Hunt (ATH) website... READ MORE  >  

                                             ANCIENT TREE HUNT (ATH)                       OFFAS DYKE ASSOCIATION (ODA)
                                            offasath-8545yew                         Offas-acorn40th 

                                             Click the above icon to go to                         Click the above icon for details
                                             the first recorded tree on my                         on King Offa & the Dykes 
                                             journey. A notable Yew tree                          history from the Offas Dyke
                                             in Christ church Prestatyn                             Association website


Part 1 
The Journey Begins...  Prestatyn to Bodfari...
Part 1 of the Offas Dyke ATH shows me on my journey from  home to Gobowen railway station to catch the train to Prestatyn. This being the northern end of the Offas Dyke Path National Trail. As you may know there are 15 National Trails in the UK. Splendid walks and scenery all of them but...Offas Dyke Path is THE BEST National Trail (ok I know I am biased) but you will have to go along way before you get a walk with such stunning scenery and history

        MORE TO COME... Part 2 Bodfari to Llangollen to follow soon... along with many other days of tree hunting on Offas Dyke. As a taster of those further adventures please do visit my Flickr photos HERE to see just some of the great folks I have met on my journey so far...

                 Click on the video above for part 1of my walk



A new idea is to view aerial images of sections of the Dyke provided by Britain From Above ... here is a view of Knighton

View of Knighton showing the Swan Hotel - Britain from Above





OFFAS DYKE ASSOCIATION ... The Offas Dyke Centre, Knighton website.

OFFAS DYKE NATIONAL TRAIL PAGE ...  Meet the enthusiastic path officer Rob Dingle!

 BBC Wales May 2011...  Reporting on my journey at the three year stage.

BBC WALES MARCH 2009 ...Reporting on the Battle of Crogen Plaque Ceremony

BBC COUNTRYFILE... Presenter James Wong & I filming abseiling down the cliffs above Llangollen and ancient Yew trees. 

... The Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust Press pack