For years, folks thought that I was out discovering, promoting and protecting the UK's stunning Ancient Trees. Now the truth has been revealed.

Spotted by a tourist on a narrowboating holiday along the stunningly beautiful Ellesmere to Llangollen canal, the first #MarmiteTree was discovered earlier today.

When interviewed this morning about the discovery Rob said ' In anticipation of this disasterous event in the news today I had been stocking up hundreds of ancient trees with emergecny stockpiles of my fav. yummy spread...MARMITE . I am devastated that my secret hoards are now known about.' 

Now shares in these jars of this nearly extinct delicay have soared and folks are on the trail of my hoards.To help guide you to the nearest #MarmiteTree to claim your FREE jar of this deliacy I have enliseted the help of a brilliant SmartPhone App. TiCL..



Be guided to this amazing freak of no not to me! the stunning #MarmiteTree

If you would like to claim your FREE jar of tasty yummy MARMITE then just REGISTER & DOENLOAD TiCL App by clicking on the icon below. First person to the tree claims the prize.

Click the icon above to download TiCL #MarmiteTree Trail App

Download the App now then go find the #MarmiteTrees  

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See the #MarmiteTree chasers ....

Now just where is this flippn' #Marmite ?                 Ye Olde #MarmiteTree chaser

and of course the lucky devils...the succesful #MarmiteTree finders !!!!

FaceMarmite Img-Sarah-Marmite Img-MarmiteonFloor
The face of a man who has just                 and Sarah finds the goodies...
discovered a #MarmiteTree                         #Marmite!