The Battle of Waterloo was an historic battle that changed forever the face of Europe. To commemorate this victory there were many Waterloo Memorial Tree Plantings right across the UK & Ireland.

In recent weeks I have visited some of these tree-rific tree plantings schemes. Some are even planted in 'Battle formations'. That is, laid out in Lines and Squares that were used as tactics during the battle.
These trees are now coming up to THEIR 200th anniversary. They are extremely special Cultural/Heritage Trees of the UK.

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Waterloo Memorial Tree Plantings - LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND

  Img-Lancs1  Img-Lancs2                                          Waterloo memorial Tree Planting - Lancashire, England.
                                  Avenue of Lime Trees with others planted in 'Battle Formation' or Squares

                  Img-LancsOak1  Img-LancsOak2
                               Waterloo memorial Tree Planting - Lancashire, England.
             The Oaks were planted to signify Officers, placed at strategic positions in the formations.

Waterloo Memorial Tree Plantings - Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, Sevenoaks, KENT, ENGLAND


Here Ed & Sarah Rogers tell me of the significance of their gorgeous 'Waterloo Cedar' tree at Riverhill Gardens




Waterloo Memorial Tree Plantings - NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, ENGLAND



Another Waterloo Memorial tree Planting scheme. This time in Nottinghamshire. More research is needed to determine just exactly which trees were planted where.





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