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AND THE WINNER IS.... The Football tree of Estonia 

The great tree from Estonia is this years winner of the European tree of the Year 2015. It gained an amazing 60,000 votes. It is a tree that I am very familiar with as I have just returned from my European Tree Tour of the contestatnts in this unique I like to call it Eurovision4Trees... if you would like to see more then please do search Twitter for #Eurovision4Trees or join the Facebook Group 'Treehunters'.


Img-EstoniaFlag4                  Img-HungaryFlag4                    Img-SpainFlag4  

 WINNER ESTONIA 59,836 Votes      2nd Place HUNGARY  53,487 Votes                      3rd Place SPAIN 13,951 Votes

The FOOTBALL TREE                                   The great plane of Tata                                     Poplar pollard of the Remolinar
(Oak tree on a football field)
Orissaare, Saaremaa, Estonia       Tata, Komárom-Esztergom county, Hungary      Aguilar del Alfambra, Aragón, Spain

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To view many more photos of
the Football Tree click photo above                                  VIEW VIDEO of FOOTBALL TREE



Scroll & Click on a icon below for details of each tree in the... European Tree of the Year 2015.

Now in its 5th year the contest has grown year on year, with over ONE MILLION VOTES being cast in this time! 
The organisers of this increasingly popular celebration of Europe's very important cultural trees is the...   

Schedule of events:

  Img-BulgariaFlag4  Img-CzechFlag4  Img-EngFlag4
                 BELGIUM                                   BULGARIA                                           CZECH REP.                                     ENGLAND  
      The Nail Tree, Voeren                    Archar Plane                                      Opatovice Pine                              The Major Oak
                                                                                                                              SEE VIDEO & MORE >                      READ MORE >

Img-EstoniaFlag4   Img-FranceFlag4  Img-HungaryFlag4  Img-IrelandFlag4  
                      ESTONIA                                          FRANCE                               HUNGARY                                 IRELAND (REP.)
  The Football Pitch Oak             Pianello Chestnut Tree       The Plane tree of Tata       Cedar of Lebanon, Ballinderry

 Img-ItalyFlag4  Img-PolandFlag4  Img-SctolandFlag4  SlovakiaFlag4  
                    ITALY                                            POLAND                                        SCOTLAND                                     SLOVAKIA
Canneto Sabino Olive tree                   Oak Slav, Debina                  Lady's tree Loch of Lowes                  Mulberry of Senica

  Img-SpainFlag4   Img-WalesFlag4                                   Img-InterRailGlobal
                  SPAIN                                                     WALES                                             Voyages SNCF Inter Rail Global Pass
Black Poplar Pollard, Aragon              The Lonely Tree of Llanfyllin                                      Check it out now!
                                                             SEE BBC VIDEOS & READ MORE >



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