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                                                The Brimmon Oaks near Newtown, Powys, Wales.


Family wedding photo from 1901 showing even then, just how much this culturally significant ancient Welsh Oak pollard meant to the family...


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There are actually two ancient oaks here at Lower Brimmon. One of them is now under threat from the proposed Newtown A483/A489 bypass.The stunning ancient Welsh Oak trees are relics of a special landscape, a special TreeScape in fact. 

NOTE! The trees are on PRIVATE land.

The Oaks are probably between 400 and 500 years old. They are part of land that was once owned by the Llanerchyddol estate. It is no accident that there are two great Oaks here at Lower Brimmon farm. They were 'Working Trees' as Ted Green (Mr. Ancient Tree) calls pollarded trees, that is, they were cut by man for wood fuel, for timber for building and the leaves used for fodder or 'Tree Hay' to feed farm animals.

Currently the markers for the bypass are within 3 to 4 metres of the Brimmon Oak in the middle of the field here. We are discussing with project contractors for the Welsh Govt. to ensure that the British Standard BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction is adhered to here and the tree is given at least the minimum reccommended 15 metres (from tree trunk) distance for any works to be carried out. There should be proper Hearas fencing installed around the tree at this distance during all works at the site.


                                        Arriving at the Brimmon Oaks                          The Brimmon Oaks TREESCAPE

As you will hear in the videos above Mervyn Jones' family have farmed these hills above Newtoen for hundreds of years. They have worked the land AND  worked these culturally important Oak trees!


The Brimmon Twin Oaks are recorded onto the Ancient Tree Hunt website which - a national database of ancient, veteran and heritage trees - from Coed Cadw (the Woodland Trust ).
ANCIENT TREE HUNT - National Database Tree No. 96586 & Tree No. 146013 READ MORE >

Wales has over 8,000 trees recorded but only 238 Ancient Oaks recorded. Clearly these two ancient Oaks are among some of the more special trees recorded. 

SUPPORT COED CADW (WOODLAND TRUST) in their campaign to get a National Register of special trees for Wales. Wales' Very Important trees its VITs. READ MORE >

The Brimmon Oak song. An excellent song written and performed by Sam Gomm




Newtown Bypass Plans



Location Maps

Img-NewtBypass  Img-BrimmonOldMap

Map showing location of proposed bypass road in              Map from ATH circa 1850 showing the Brimmon Oaks
relation to tree 


Aerial image taken from Ancient Tree Hunt website © Woodland Trust All Rights Reserved.
Brimmon Oaks the two nearest to the bottom road the A489 Kerry Road.