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Tree-Mendous Talks


I provide a varied set of talks on ancient & veteran trees, on their landscapes, their culture, their history and their future. I can tailor a talk to suit your group requirements. The talks can last from as little as 15 minutes if time is a constraint, right up to 2 hours (or more!) if you can cope with this many old trees...and myself!

The talks are usually interactive with questions being able to be asked at any time during the talk. I actively encourage audience participation and sometimes even give out small 'prizes' as a reward for a great question or answer!
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Come along and hear the amazing Tree Tales as I embark on this unique Tree adventure along Offas Dyke.
Now having appeared 4 times on BBC Countryfile on this project working with Julia Bradbury, James Wong and others.

< See more details on the BBC website.




The European tree of the Year Contest ... from my forthcoming book this talk takes you on a tree-laden journey around many countries of Europe. Including Russian missiles, 2,000 year old Olive trees, the world famous Robin Hood tree the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest and many more stunning cultural trees.

Tree Hunting in Wales...come with me on a journey around the beautiful Welsh countryside, see some of the hidden ancient & veteran trees, like the Oak at the Gate of the Dead! ...Wales' entry in the European Tree of the Year competition 2014.

The Amazing Trees of Shropshire... take a tour around some of Shropshire most intriguing and beguiling old trees, folklore, legend and the stunning Shropshire Countryside...


The Ancient Tree Hunt and YOUR LOCAL trees...(also included will be discussions and current uppdate on Chalara Ash Die back and other tree Pests & Diseases).


I will sometimes research the area that I am doing the talk in. The Ancient Tree Hunt  project website can usually provide us with great trees in the locality or, if it is practical, I can visit the area prior to the talk and see what gems of old trees there are in the area. 

If I do visit, then I will also try to speak with local folks to gain an insight into the 'Tree Culture' of the area.