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European Champion Tree Forum 2nd meeting Bonn, Germany, 7th - 9th October 2011

The European Champion Tree Forum (ECTF), is an informal group of like minded tree professionals and tree hunters from right across Europe. Many countries of Europe are represented by attendees at the conferences.
The first conference being organised by the Tree Register of Britain & Ireland (T.R.O.B.I.) in 2010 and held at Wespelaar Arboretum in Belgium.

For our 2011 conference and visits it was decided that we would visit Bonn in Germany.

From the report edited by Gordon L Mackenthun
Following the initial and highly successful meeting of European big tree enthusiasts in Wespelaar, Belgium in 2010, the Deutsche Dendrologische Gesellschaft (DDG, German Dendrology Society), Gesellschaft Deutsches Arboretum (GDA; German Arboreta Society) and the Arboretum "Park Härle" decided to join forces and to invite enthusiasts to a follow-up in 2011.

Arboretum Park Härle kindly hosted by Michael Dreisvogt   VISIT SITE >>

Bonn Botanic Garden kindly hosted by head gardener, Stefan Giefer. VISIT SITE >>

Deutsche Dendrologische Gesellschaft (DDG, German Dendrology  Society)  VISIT SITE >>,

Gesellschaft Deutsches Arboretum (GDA; German Arboreta Society) VISIT SITE >> 


The conference sessions were held at Privates Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium, Bonn. Many presentations were given and also a practical session of tree measuring was held outdoors in the grounds of the gymnasium.

For a look at many photos of the visits SEE PHOTOS >>