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ImgButtgBBCEXCLUSIVE: You heard it here first.
The Tree Hunter discovers the loss of yet another ANCIENT TREE with NO PROTECTION.

The 1,000 year old Buttington Oak farmacia maschile.
they deserve #TREEspect !




The UK's Tree of the Year, the Brimmon Oak comes an amazing 2nd place in European Tree of the Year 2017 - announced Tues. 21st March 8pm CET  EU Parliament, Brussels...



Brimmon Oak on BBC Breakfast 22nd March 2017                   Oak Jozef. Hear the amazing story of the tree that saved
                                                                                                            the lives of a Jewish family of SIX from the Nazi's in WWII

                 Img--BbcReportBrimmon         Img-BbcITVREportBrimmon

Congratulations to Poland and their winning tree Oak Jozef from Wisiniowa...It was a very special time for me when I visited this brilliant tree and lovely people helping and promoting this oak tree. And of course many congratulations to MERVYN LLOYD JONES & his family for their RUNNER-UP Welsh tree the Brimmon Oak. The first ever UK tree to gain a top three place in the contest


March 2018: European Tree of the year WINNER The Whistler Oak

Img-ETOTY18-All 300x250       Img-WhistlerHm    

for now check out the candidates                    THE WHISTLER OAK CROWNED
find out 
just who has won...                             THE EUROPEAN TREE OF THE YEAR

The Treemendous European Tree of the Year 2018 contest

Img-Etoty18Nadace                            Img-Etoty10Blog

 VOTING starts 1st Feb to 28th                  Read my Euro Tree Blog

European Tree of the Year (ETOTY18) Tree Ride around 13 countries, 15,000 Miles,with 13 Stunning Trees with a Story to tell.




BBC's The One Show presenter Andy Kershaw visits
Sheffield's WWI Trees that are under threat of felling


The Great Trees of Sheffield, and the WINNER is... 
The Western Road WWI War Memorial Avenue Trees > READ MORE >











Meet the judges                                                                                    See the TREES 


Img-HmEtoty17        Follow my Euro Tree Trip

Polish tree contender at Wisiniowa                                   Welsh tree contender the Brimmon Oak
Podkarpackie Province South East Poland.                    Newtown, Powys, Wales.


                  Local school children supporting the
                                Brimmon Oak, Welsh tree



Tuesday 21st march is International Day of Forests
so here is a link to some of my UK/European
Forests and other special trees.


For Information about the FAO International Day of Forests 2017 Click HERE







The WINNER of UK & Welsh Tree of the Year 


Click on the photo to see MORE of the UK Tree of the Year

BUY the someone you love a TREE-mendous Christmas gift.
Stunning POSTCARDS of the UK (& Welsh ) TREE OF THE YEAR...

Click Here To Buy >> THE BRIMMON OAK



Img-bhamplkanehm    Img-UKToty16-300x250 

Birmingham's Oldest City Centre Tree                 TREE OF THE YEAR 2016
is under threat. READ MORE ...                    Voting closed but here are the trees anyway 



Offas Dyke Ancient Tree Hunt...                        Feb 23rd 2016... Brimmon Oak SAVED!          Tree Hunters of the world...
Now in its EIGHTH year. The 1st ever              Brilliant news for this now, well known,       Please do come and join us.
Ancient Tree survey of this 1,300 year            500 year old ancient Welsh Oak tree              Over 1,200 members already
old scheduled ancient monument                   as the Bypass is 'Bent' to save the tree             posting stunning trees

and of course updates via Twitter > @thetreehunter

Go 'TiCL' some trees and create your
very own amazing #TreeTrails 

2016 Cont.

This year 15 trees from across Europe vied       Ancient Tree Forum visit this stunning      Sheffield's Street Trees under threat...
to become European Tree of the Year 2016        Lincolnshire estate's Veteran trees              Can they be saved?
                                                                                                                                                                  PHOTOS OF HUMPHREY ROAD HERE >














2015 Projects

Campaigning to persuade the Welsh Govt     Launching Tree of the Year 2015 on            ITV WALES - Welsh Tree of the Year
to 'Bend the By-pass'... slightly.                          BBC Countryfile with Matt Baker.                  
The proposed Newtown bypass.                      (Wales, England, Scotland & N.Ireland)           

London National Park City       Battle of Waterloo Trees     Waterloo Memorial Trees UK  European Tree of Year 2015

    GREAT TREES OF SHEFFIELD - Please do use the CONTACT form to send in your nominations for the Great Trees of Sheffield 2017 contest. They can be INDIVIDUAL trees, or, special groups of trees, ie. AVENUES, that have a special meaing to you or your friends & family. Any tree with a STORY. Over the coming weeks & months the nominated trees will be shown on the website and later in 2017 around June a PANEL OF CELEBRITY JUDGES (watch for annoncements) and TREE PROFESSORS will judge the winning tree to become the FIRST EVER Great Tree of Sheffield...this tree can then go on to enter into the English Tree of the Year 2017 contest, with the potential to go forward in 2018 to the European Tree of the Year 2018 contest.


As you might expect, I have a hollow tree-trunk full of information for two very special areas ... SHROPSHIRE & WALES  ... go have a peek! 
oh, and by-the-way..."see a SPECIAL tree...then send it to me",   just CONTACT me on Twitter...Thanks @thetreehunter   




Want to learn about Ancient Trees?
Please do visit this great new website
from the 'Tree Professors' ...




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